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  Issue 152, page 4

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New Ask Us Theory About
Sez You...

From Bob Band:

I find that I am not able to view this week's Laughing Stock image in either Netscape or IE, and I believe that this is because I'm at work and my company's anti-porn screening software is blocking it because of its name (screwed.gif).  

I don't know how many of your other loyal readers (or, for that matter, how many first-time perusers) may encounter this problem, but it could be avoided by giving the file a more innocuous-sounding name. 

Also, I was struck by the comment from Carolyn Diamond in [last] week's Sez You that in Australia they say "chuck a u-ey" to mean "make a U-turn." Here in Boston we have long used the phrase "hang a u-ey" to mean the same thing. I wonder what other variations are lurking out there...

We're sorry you couldn't view the image.  We'll change its file name for the Back Issues.  speaking of which, we're a bit behind on the Back Issues.  However, if you want to look at a back issue that is not listed on our Back Issues page, use this formula: .  As for "hanging" or "chucking a u-ey", read on.

 From Margaret:

In Australia we do not say "chuck a Uey" but "do a Uey". Maybe the person [in last week's Sez You] was thinking of "chuck a wobbly".  I haven't heard anyone say "speccy" but maybe the author has. 

And for those of our readers not familiar with Australian vernacular, chuck a wobbly means "throw a fit".

From Paul Pferdner:

I got a good laugh out of the movie billboard [last week's Sez You]. Someone should be grateful it wasn't in reverse order!


From Gramps Q (Lee Daniel Quinn):

I was really amused at the Sez You from Jenny: 

I love the Curmudgeons' Corner, and the Curmudgeons themselves; they are the only people who get as annoyed as I do about tiresome grammar errors that are repeated over and over again. If I complain to the perpetrators (or anyone within earshot), I am (rightly, perhaps) accused of being a pedant. Therefore, your website is a "safe space" for me! 

I AGREE, however, I would suggest that she -- herself -- should find a new cliché (if that is possible) for "tired old cliché," which SHE uses in the very next paragraph:

However, this week, Barb was annoyed with the use of "to coin a phrase" when the speaker was actually repeating some tired old cliché. 

Well spotted!

From Bruce Yanoshek:

Have Barb and Malcolm now merged into one person, so one gets named in the e-mail, and the other at the site? 

In Curmudgeons' Corner Barb Dwyer expresses her thoughts on expresso...

It's actually just that Melanie and Mike thought they'd better mention both of the curmudgeons so as not to incur the wrath of either!  (Malcolm Tent was the curmudgeon who wrote last week's Curmudgeons' Corner, even though our companion e-mail newsletter said otherwise!)  Thanks for keeping us honest, Bruce.


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