Issue 158, page 5

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More News

The following are further excerpts from genuine (British) newspaper stories:

From The Guardian:
Phreakers, or 'phone hackers, managed to break into the telephone system of 'Weight Watchers' in Glasgow, and changed the outgoing message to 'Hello, you fat b*stard' 

From a Daily Telegraph piece headed "Brussels Pays 200,000 Pounds to Save Prostitutes":
"... the money will not be going directly into the prostitutes' pocket, but will be used to encourage them to lead a better life. We will be training them for new positions in hotels." 

From The Derby Abbey Community News: 
We apologise for the error in the last edition, in which we stated that 'Mr Fred Nicolme is a Defective in the Police Force'. This was a typographical error. We meant of course that Mr Nicolme is a Detective in the Police Farce. 

From The Manchester Evening News: 
Police called to arrest a naked man on the platform at Piccadilly Station released their suspect after he produced a valid rail ticket.

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