Dark Poetry


Cogito ergo sum?
No, for I think not.
My mind is filled with
Fragments only, bits
And slices of knowing.
A single tall pine,
but forests none at all.
I am a wasteland.

Cogito ergo sum?
No, for I am not.
I am nothing in a
vast sea of somethings.
I offer and give naught,
am empty always.
I have no mind, therefore
I am worthless gems.

Cogito ergo sum?
No, for I live not.
Anencephalic, I
Am doomed soon to die.
Even this breath in me
Now is worthless, for
It has no meaning or
joy; I am a corpse.

I do not think, therefore
I am nothing, now.
As nothing, I long for
Ideas and meaning
And the sheerest pleasure
Of knowledge, but as
Nothing, I see that I
Will never have such things.