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NOW HALF-PRICE!  We can help you with rush or personal queries.  Send such queries using the form below.  We will respond within 48 hours, providing you information on the cost and how you can pay by credit card.  We ask only for a donation of $25 (U.S.) per word.  Once you've agreed to have us perform the research for you, we can get the results to you within 24 hours if your deadline is looming.  Our average research paper for a single word is one and a half pages (8.5x11 paper) in length, and we can send it via e-mail and/or regular mail, and in most of the popular word processing formats.  If we feel there is not enough information on your word or phrase to merit research, we'll let you know.

  • We presume that you have searched the site for your word or phrase.  If you have not done so yet, go to the search page.
  • Please limit your queries to English words.

You must use the phrase RUSH QUERY in the subject line of your e-mail: 

Send us an e-mail message with your word or phrase query, along with your e-mail address, deadline date and time, and any additional information you feel will help us provide you with exactly what you need.  We will send you an e-mail message containing a link that will take you to our PayPal page where you can make your donation via credit card.  The donation must be received before we can begin work on your word.  We would love to research your word or phrase for free, but we get entirely too many requests to make that feasible.

Comments, additions? Send to Melanie & Mike:
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