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Issue 126 to 150

Click the items in the right side of each table from Issue 110 to present to read them.


Issue 150

Spotlight cutting, hacking and scraping
Words to the Wise charleyhorse, cloth, coined the phrase, spats, dashboard
Curmudgeons' Corner coining phrases
Letters to the Editors the N word; the N word again; orris root; more on The Women's Dictionary
Laughing Stock More groaners (puns) 


Issue 149

Spotlight Middle Earth
Words to the Wise hymen/hymn, booger/bogy, alewife, happy hour, snafu
Curmudgeons' Corner palindrome or not?
Letters to the Editors puns continue; enjoying TOWFI; sitar and guitar; thank you
Laughing Stock A woman's dictionary 


Issue 148

Spotlight The fundamentals
Words to the Wise America, shamus, radical, logphile/philologist, synecdoche
Curmudgeons' Corner What he said
Letters to the Editors crossing fingers; ID id; eurology; altar horns; corners; perch pun; punctuation, more IDs , words, in connection with
Laughing Stock very punny again!


Issue 147

Spotlight horns, corns and corners
Words to the Wise Mrs., cross your fingers, divide and conquer, silkie
Curmudgeons' Corner those that
Letters to the Editors the; more au jus; various topics; Cretan/cretin; spicy; á la mode; euronating, definitions
Laughing Stock very punny! 


Issue 146

Spotlight Dwellings
Words to the Wise bitch, volcano, pizza, kangaroo
Curmudgeons' Corner coulda been a contender
Letters to the Editors daemon's evolution; more au jus; more on rabbits; more misacronyms; golf again; more on peppers; huh?
Laughing Stock sounds increditable to us 


Issue 145

Spotlight More Hot stuff
Words to the Wise take the Mickey, whipping boy, Welsh rarebit/rabbit, seven seas 
Curmudgeons' Corner on a <time> basis
Letters to the Editors hot words, giddy up; Gilbert and Sullivan; several points; misunderstood clichés; Aunty Curmudgeon; he's disorientated; golf again
 Laughing Stock Where excellence is not an option 


Issue 144

Spotlight Hot stuff
Words to the Wise haw and gee, trauma
Curmudgeons' Corner and etcetera
Letters to the Editors intensive purposes, jigs; yogh; more on church; malapropisms; Old English reindeer; article abuse
Laughing Stock Camping in water 


Holiday Issue

Spotlight Holiday Words (from a previous issue)
Words to the Wise rain check, pray/prayer, pagan, church, reindeer/caribou
Curmudgeons' Corner for all intensive purposes?
Letters to the Editors Tagalog, Tagalog two; Tagalog three; an old octopus revisited; Richardsnary; Wynn
Laughing Stock No parking, indeed! 


Issue 143

Spotlight cant
Words to the Wise investment, consonant and vowel, -ber, get the hell out of Dodge
Curmudgeons' Corner flaunt vs. flount
Letters to the Editors corundum, Tagalog plurals; Scottish pronunciation; lost letters and Gaul; French/Welsh; more on Gaul; double laugh; Icelandic license plate; Websense makes sense; Russian in number
Laughing Stock Are they slow, or should we slow? 


Issue 142

Spotlight lost letters
Words to the Wise pornography, Gaul, aa, quenelle
Curmudgeons' Corner lay and lie
Letters to the Editors Websense, Apostrophe Protection Society, Tagalog plurals; animated curmudgeon, red and mimimum?, bad syntax, Mother Goose in French (sort of), human and earth in Hebrew
Laughing Stock large women and manual automatic doors 


Issue 141

Spotlight gemstones again
Words to the Wise called on the carpet, odds, sport, human
Curmudgeons' Corner who's at work
Letters to the Editors collective vs. plural nouns, translation, please, keeping up with the back issues
Laughing Stock how is that supposed to work?


Issue 140

Spotlight gemstones
Words to the Wise red letter day, Farsi, wave, pickle
Curmudgeons' Corner more better
Letters to the Editors collective nouns, more on mondegreens, death and the sickle, "better" dictionary, they're just wrong
Laughing Stock but how could he fit in there?


Issue 139

Spotlight evil
Words to the Wise goblin, cemetery, zombie, ectoplasm
Curmudgeons' Corner sentence adverbs
Letters to the Editors very punny, waffling about wlaffe, wl- pronunciantion, no, not more fonts!, spooling Miss Steaks, go slow and read it slowly, responses, more merry malapropisms, Arabic anthrax
Laughing Stock How does one close a waterfall?


Issue 138

Spotlight wl...
Words to the Wise anthrax, afghan, coach, midnight oil
Curmudgeons' Corner Losing -ly
Letters to the Editors German bonza, curmudgeonly pride, renege spelling, bad or missing links, spell check verse, wl- words, malapropisms, Cantonese
Laughing Stock Well, which is it?


Issue 137

Spotlight Topical Items
Words to the Wise renege/renegue, discombobulate, bonzer/bonza, midwife
Curmudgeons' Corner Jive for jibe, tact for tack, etc.
Letters to the Editors Notarikon in Hebrew, language links, problems with page two, cats and dogs, Hebrew and Persian, Aunty Curmudgeon, hats and cattle, Ali quotation, how to fix font problems, browser environment and back issue snags, wl- words, quadratic help, mnemonics and a joke
Laughing Stock Must've been a very long tendon


Issue 136

Spotlight Arabs, Afghans, Muslims and Islan
Words to the Wise muggles, notarikon, roster, tilting at windmills, all fur, no nickers
Curmudgeons' Corner A regime of regimens
Letters to the Editors Peachy and more, more peaches, possessives, more data, Richard Lederer sez..., spelling stumpers, Boxing Day, more on font problems, infamous Isabella, metonym?, mistakes, curmudgeons and anti-curmudgeonswe're ok
Laughing Stock How to give a pill to a cat


Issue 135

Spotlight The West End of London, Dukes, and Eponyms
Words to the Wise bank holiday, contractions, just deserts, idiot, Eskimo
Curmudgeons' Corner The data are in
Letters to the Editors It's not genitive, ginger peachy keen, tera, zetta and yotta, TOWFI display fonts, tough ones to spell, I/me usage
Laughing Stock Now how many doughnuts is that?


Issue 134

Spotlight Our Garden (again)
Words to the Wise stock still, petabyte/terabyte/exabyte, mortgage, minutes, wrong side of the tracks
Curmudgeons' Corner Me me me or I I I?
Letters to the Editors A rhetorical question, a font of fonts, refreshing the site, Lucy, Utah's seagulls, Soylent Green/Soilent Green, difficult to spell
Laughing Stock See water.  See water run!


Issue 133

Spotlight Notes from our garden
Words to the Wise deep six, consulate/embassy, tapas, teenager, biscuit/bisquit
Curmudgeons' Corner Insured assurance
Letters to the Editors Back issue issue, logic vs. evidence, hell in a handbasket I, hell in a handbasket II, gruntle
Laughing Stock Sweeney Todd redux


Issue 132

Spotlight On the Money
Words to the Wise earshot/hark/hearken, midget/dwarf, Suffolk Punch, monk, meander
Curmudgeons' Corner Looking forward
Letters to the Editors More Topica, begging rhetoric, our search engine, Dutch correction
Laughing Stock Proofreed your ads


Issue 131

Spotlight Bad Etymologist!  No Biscuit!
Words to the Wise double dog dare, steward, g-string, (run) amok
Curmudgeons' Corner Beg the question
Letters to the Editors Redundant redundancy, shanghaied again, thanks, so punny, apostrophemania, Palm OS dictionaries
Laughing Stock Nobody cares about Mom?


Issue 130

Spotlight English Ancestry (a repeat of a previous column)
Words to the Wise throw one's hat into the ring, mistletoe, Hip hip!  Hurray!, hold (down) the fort, blue blood
Curmudgeons' Corner Irritatingly redundant
Letters to the Editors Meanings vs. etymology, several comments, Kilkenny cats, Topica vs. Listbot, Old Testament child-rearing, jazz revisited
Laughing Stock The true meaning of words (?!)


Issue 129

Spotlight Animation
Words to the Wise Manhattan, rebel, shanghai, daemon, cardinal
Curmudgeons' Corner Digitally recorded error
Letters to the Editors New mailing list, southern hemisphere readers unite!, Peter Pan an etymologist?, all monds, ah-monds, Anglo-centric views?, cats is cats, jewfish no more, Persian in Hebrew
Laughing Stock A w(h)ine joke


Issue 128

Spotlight Cats
Words to the Wise caught red-handed, factotum, scrod, crayon, on tenterhooks
Curmudgeons' Corner An L of a time
Letters to the Editors Offensive Engrish?, more flies, Persian influence, uptalk, ichthyetymology, more eggs and plants
Laughing Stock The birth of a word


Issue 127

Spotlight Nightmares, death and monsters
Words to the Wise jewfish, scoop, natty, fly (zipper), gestalt
Curmudgeons' Corner heighth?
Letters to the Editors eggplant in Hindi and German, more would, Texan for W, more for Macs, more on merkin, old oxenfree
Laughing Stock what happens when you use an online translator


Issue 126

Spotlight Merkins, grimalkins, and Maid Marians
Words to the Wise attorney, joy, vice-/vise, aubergine, Mexico
Curmudgeons' Corner Guess what?
Letters to the Editors fahrt, book in Engrish, Getafix, dogleg, petard
Laughing Stock Ball removal


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