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The Institute for Etymological Research and Education

(TIERE) needs your help...

Take Our Word For It is now being brought to you by The Institute for Etymological Research and Education, a non-profit organization founded to promote education and research in the field of etymology.  This organization will promote etymological research and education through the following:

Take Our Word For It, published weekly;

A web-accessible, searchable database of etymologies (in progress);

An etymological database available on CD-ROM for use by schools (in progress);

Other research provided outside of the web-zine and database; 

Articles written for other publications; and

Public speaking engagements at schools and other facilities.

As TIERE is a non-profit organization, we rely on you, our readers, for financial support to help continue our efforts.  Simply click on the PayPal button below to make a donation of any amount you choose via your credit card.  PayPal guarantees you (and us) a secure transaction.  Provide us your address and we'll send you a Take Our Word For It bookmark.  Each bookmark is unique and created by us.

Donate any credit card amount you wish from $1 to $1000 and beyond!  Just click the button.

Alternatively, you may send your check to the address below (and if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope that we may use to return your book mark, you'll be helping the organization even further). 

Time and materials will also be gratefully accepted.  Some of the items we need are

Cold Fusion software/license for hosting the site, enabling us to make our database available;

Search engine software/license for accurate searching of the CD-ROM version of the database.

Some of our readers have products that would make excellent fund-raising incentives, such as language-related books or games.

Contact us if you wish to donate any of the above materials.

See our list of donors.

The Institute for Etymological Research and Education (TIERE)
2530 Berryessa Road, PMB 609
San Jose, CA 95132

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