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What's New?

  In addition to a new issue of the webzine being published once a month (for the time being), the following changes have been made:

October 2006: We finally updated the DONORS page

January 2006:  We updated several word entries.  Check the newsletter for a list.
                        We added a book review to the book store.
                        We added a blog.
                        We repaired broken links.
                        We updated the Back Issues page.

March 03: We have added more books to the book store since 9/02.

9/14/02:  We have added a new book to the book store.

8/24/02:  We have added some new links.

6/23/02:   We have finally updated the back issues page so that you can see what you've missed (if anything).

1/10/02:    We're removing some of the ads that don't work and replacing others.

7/31/01:    You can't exactly see it in the webzine, but our accompanying        newsletter has a new format.  There's also a new link and a new book in the book store!

6/26/01:    New books in the book store!  New links were added last week.

5/1/01:      A new link has been added under "English Language Sites".

4/17/01:    We're baaaaack!

3/6/01:     We've updated our FAQ.
                 We've added new advertisers.

2/27/01:   Our book store now offers a link to a list of new etymology books at

1/17/01:    We're back!  We are also a non-profit organization, now, and we need your help!  See TIERE for more information.

9/11/00:   There is a new book in the Book Store.  And let's not forget that this week's issue is our HUNDREDTH!

7/17/00:   We are in the process of adding menu bars to all of the back issue pages.  See the latest back issue entry, Issue 92, to see what all the back issues will eventually look like.

7/10/00:   There are new books in the Book Store.

6/5/00:    We have a new page called "Laughing Stock".  See the link to it on the home page.  We have also added a new book to the Book Store.

5/15/00:   There are new books in the Book Store!

4/17/00:   There is a new book in the Featured Books section of the Book Store.

4/3/00:     We now offer etymology in our newsletter!  Sign up today.

3/27/00:   You can now use Take Our Word For It columns at your web site.  Check out We now offer a weekly etymology in the Take Our Word For It newsletter.  Sign up!

3/20/00:   There is a new recommended book in the Book Store.

3/13/00:   There is a new link on our Links page.
                 A new book has been added to the Linguistics section of the Book Store.  Another has been added under a new etymological category, Military/War Terms.

3/6/00:     We've added a new recommended book to the Book Store.
                  We've added new links.
                  We've done housecleaning in the back issues (no more DEBUG window).

2/19/00:    We have completely remodeled the Etymology Book Store.  Have a look!

2/16/00:    We have updated our search engine.  It is much more user-friendly.  Try it!

2/7/00:      New books are in the bookstore AGAIN!  We've also uncluttered some pages.

1/24/00:     New books are in the bookstore.

                   The back issues have been updated to correct errors and remove the remote control.

1/17/00:      New books have been added to the book store.

12/27/99:    We've added books to the book store, and we've updated our bibliography.

11/15/99:     Several new books have been added to the book store.
                    We've slashed prices on our etymological research service just in time for the holidays(!?)

10/31/99:    We now have a form you can use for rush or personal queries.

10/27/99:   We got rid of the remote control and inserted a menu "bar" at the top of every page.
                   There is now a FORM for use in submitting your QUERIES (on the Ask Us page). 

10/25/99:   New books in the bookstore.

10/13/99:    Now our regular features each have their own page.
                   Credit card payment now accepted for advertising.

10/7/99:    Pages tweaked for faster loading and better universal screen fit.

10/4/99:    Weekly issue broken up into three separate pages for faster loading.
                  Archives reinstated.
                  Credit cards now accepted for rush queries!
                  Search engine now accessible from the main page.
                  What's New? page added to site.

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