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Issue 26 to Issue 50

Issue 50

Spotlight Irish Gaelic words in English
Words to the Wise Obscenities (censored), quiz, photographer, doily and antimacassar, gossip
Curmudgeons' Corner It's ET!
Letters to the Editors Hoosegow revisited, Melanie & Mike play Darwin, and pomposity


Issue 49

Spotlight Celtic words in English
Words to the Wise Spinster, beyond the pale, hot dog, hobbit, hoosegow
Curmudgeons' Corner Lose the t or eltse!
Letters to the Editors Whence does "from whence" come?


Issue 48

Spotlight Wrought and wreaked havoc
Words to the Wise Gutta-percha, Bolinas, zombie, jumbo, mumbo-jumbo
Curmudgeons' Corner Racked with seaweed
Letters to the Editors Got vs. gotten


Issue 47

Spotlight The quick and the dead
Words to the Wise Tow-head, woman, teller, they
Curmudgeons' Corner I wonder...?
Letters to the Editors Picnic, entitled


Issue 46

Spotlight A campaign for camping
Words to the Wise B silent, cynic and skeptic, and  scuttlebutt
Curmudgeons' Corner ...And who, may I ask, is calling?
Letters to the Editors Reverse psychology revisited


Issue 45

Spotlight Yet more names of nations: Serendip
Words to the Wise spick and span, agog
Curmudgeons' Corner Reverse psychology
Letters to the Editors More names for Germany


Issue 44

Spotlight It's no mystery
Words to the Wise Ta-da, pal, pee-yew, bias
Curmudgeons' Corner Degrees of possibility
Letters to the Editors Traps and Hungarian


Issue 43

Spotlight More names of nations: Germany
Words to the Wise Toodle-oo, rain check, pay the piper, hoodlum, traps, drumstick
Curmudgeons' Corner Rank Ranking
Letters to the Editors School-marms and enfeebled verbs


Issue 42

Spotlight Names of nations
Words to the Wise Calaveras, pray/prayer, dollar, visa, filibuster
Curmudgeons' Corner Enfeebled verbs
Letters to the Editors More on misplaced modifiers and Native Americans


Issue 41

Spotlight Indian words
Words to the Wise Silhouette, squaw, copycat, whore, tar (slang for sailor)
Curmudgeons' Corner Misplaced Modifiers; Submit Yours!
Letters to the Editors More Fun With K


Issue 40

Spotlight Drug-language abuse
Words to the Wise Cooties, jones, assassination 
Curmudgeons' Corner Accused In
Letters to the Editors Solanaceae, tomatoes, and three k's for Derek


Issue 39

Spotlight Internet Poppycock
Words to the Wise Life in the 1500s, our feet!
Curmudgeons' Corner Use of anxious for eager
Letters to the Editors Gestures


Issue 38

Spotlight Native American Words in English
Words to the Wise coward/cowardice, hangar, crisp
Curmudgeons' Corner Beg the question vs. raise the question
Letters to the Editors The Changing English Language


Issue 37

Spotlight Point-blank
Words to the Wise pussy[cat], kitty, beluga, puppy, horse, stag/hen night
Curmudgeons' Corner Momento vs. Memento
Letters to the Editors Turkey's "Original" Name


Issue 36

Spotlight Evil
Words to the Wise fairy and fay, cemetery, chapel, pagan, heretic, church
Curmudgeons' Corner Salt and Pepper Weather
Letters to the Editors Quotation marks revisited


Issue 35

Spotlight Blue Moon
Words to the Wise beestings, Good Friday, Orient, Caucasian, ax versus ask, one another
Curmudgeons' Corner Periods inside or outside of quotation marks


Issue 34

Spotlight Easter
Words to the Wise juke box, eureka, bone up, disaster, goblin, blah
Curmudgeons' Corner I Could[n't] Care Less

Letters to the Editors

Do Brits Flog Fags?


Issue 33

Spotlight The Fabric of Words, Part III of III
Words to the Wise titillating, babble, caput, faggot, round robin, drum (slang)
Curmudgeons' Corner Quote Unquote revisited


Issue 32

Spotlight The Fabric of Words, Part II of III
Words to the Wise earth, galoot, jitney, hackneyed

Letters to the Editors

picnics, gender vs. sex, cul-de-sac


Issue 31

Spotlight The Fabric of Words, Part I of III
Words to the Wise drivel, navigate, drag queen, cool, gender vs. sex
Curmudgeon's Corner affect vs. effect

Letters to the Editors

etymological research


Issue 30

Spotlight Frenzied words
Words to the Wise cul-de-sac, cockpit, limousine, chauvinism, lukewarm
Curmudgeon's Corner Quote Unquote

Letters to the Editors

Classical pronunciation


Issue 29

Spotlight February Feasts and Holidays
Words to the Wise Whiddon Down (place name), shroff, churchkey, lumpkin, the f-word revisited, miracle

Letters to the Editors

Horsey terms


Issue 28

Spotlight Valentine's Day
Words to the Wise to come to a head, lesbian and homosexual, romance
Curmudgeons' Corner Classical Plurals

Letters to the Editors

Howdy Doody and the Peanut Gallery


Issue 27

Spotlight peanut gallery
Words to the Wise weapon, campy, red herring, cretin, caribou, prophet, believe
Curmudgeons' Corner A Whole Nother

Letters to the Editors

A Coincidence


Issue 26

Spotlight niggardly
Words to the Wise waffle, radical, uppity, boredom, teetotaler, out of sorts
Curmudgeons' Corner epithets

Letters to the Editors

Update on the Death Valley treasure chest

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