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Issue 101 to 125

Click the items in the right side of each table from Issue 110 to present to read them.


Issue 125

Spotlight Saturday
Words to the Wise glamour, warlock, hysteria, yonder/iterations/reiterate, gams
Curmudgeons' Corner Holded up?
Letters to the Editors Crisis in Language, fart, he found us!, Polish help, Wells Fargo
Laughing Stock Dumfart


Issue 124

Spotlight Frequentatives
Words to the Wise Dough, fart, hiccup, moot, piggyback
Curmudgeons' Corner Vegetarian chickens
Letters to the Editors Poetry for Cats, French knee cognates, trunks and boots, Wells Fargo, not exactly macaronic, false friends , fletcher flowers, geranium vs. pelargonium
Laughing Stock All Your Base Are Belong to Us


Issue 123

Spotlight Flow and fly
Words to the Wise Trunk, smarmy, pay attention/ heed/ a visit, remote, knee
Curmudgeons' Corner Free for $19.95
Letters to the Editors Loser, Latin poems, more Latin poems, yet more Latin poems, back issue format, Hindi and English
Laughing Stock Hamlet's Cat Soliloquy


Issue 122

Spotlight Skirt, shirt, skit and shinola
Words to the Wise pedigree, butter, green room, haywire, doula
Curmudgeons' Corner Nuptual?
Letters to the Editors Latin poetry, more w, county, peppers and wolves, curmudgeoning in German
Laughing Stock Mary Jane in Idaho


Issue 121

Spotlight rank
Words to the Wise cash, hullabaloo, titanic, the letter y, the letter w
Curmudgeons' Corner if I would have been
Letters to the Editors Nova Scotia plural possessive, UFO a ufo?, Dubyonics, Huxley and Darwin, home in Catalan
Laughing Stock A true story (though not etymological)


Issue 120

Spotlight dictionaryisms
Words to the Wise agnostic, loophole, best man, tantalize, several
Curmudgeons' Corner Whatever and whenever
Letters to the Editors humdinger, a French home, censorship, translations, other others, George III
Laughing Stock Slow service?


Issue 119

Spotlight the following...
Words to the Wise humdinger, dumbbell, scut, bulletin board, bend over backwards
Curmudgeons' Corner Who's ever
Letters to the Editors gild the lily, I tell ye, f*ck and fight?, a TOWFI fix, more about nine yards, back issue format, juggernaut joke-or-not, anatomy of a barrel
Laughing Stock Secrets Revealed


Issue 118

Spotlight Another one of those e-mails
Words to the Wise lock, stock and barrel, juggernaut, high jinks, bun/hot cross bun
Curmudgeons' Corner Ironic isn't ironic anymore
Letters to the Editors Ishtar, French gender, more Latin plurals, 10,000, spurious etymology, pepperpot, Spanish, and New Amsterdam
Laughing Stock Yes + Yes = No?


Issue 117

Spotlight Compost
Words to the Wise peter out, Buffalo/Ozarks, imp, sooterkin/zooterkins, lorry
Curmudgeons' Corner Where have all the female words gone?
Letters to the Editors Monday in Japanese, crocs of saffron, I'll give you 40 does for that saddle, Colombian gestures, two cents for a stadia rod, Spanish linguist to the rescue, going to the circus with Kate, more cat skinning
Laughing Stock Don't call, it'll be gone by now


Issue 116

Spotlight days of the week...Wednesday
Words to the Wise kudos, cobweb, conjugate, spring, more than one way to skin a cat
Curmudgeons' Corner He's an-al and an-noyed
Letters to the Editors Arabic Spanish, Honday in Mungarian, god words, dropping d's, broads, and broads again, evil apple pancakes, time travel, co-curmudgeons, battle-axitude, troopers and e-mail, Latin rules?, Christianity and Chinese
Laughing Stock what a shocker


Issue 115

Spotlight days of the week...Tuesday
Words to the Wise in the doldrums, Adam's apple, trooper/trouper, battle-axe, broad
Curmudgeons' Corner It's a phenomena to myself
Letters to the Editors Hungarian Mondays, more Albuquerque, what about the dunce cap?, more on couln'nt and prescriptivism
Laughing Stock time travel


Issue 114

Spotlight days of the week...Monday
Words to the Wise thalweg, Albuquerque, randy, josh, entree
Curmudgeons' Corner couln'nt
Letters to the Editors p's and q's, on curmudgeonry, whet your whistle?
Laughing Stock lethal rolling pins


Issue 113

Spotlight netymology
Words to the Wise easy as pie, crud, handle, yum/yummy, geoduck
Curmudgeons' Corner a coal forecast
Letters to the Editors brass monkey skeptics, monkeys on cruise liners, Finnish, morning star deities
Laughing Stock Husbands and varmints


Issue 112

Spotlight table manners
Words to the Wise cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, bring home the bacon/chew the fat, catapult, Russia, lame duck
Curmudgeons' Corner piquing one's curiosity
Letters to the Editors we helped, more Engrish, Hebrew for "morning star", git, spell checkers, more gender vs. sex, the -orama craze, scab revisited
Laughing Stock What language does your dog speak?


Issue 111

Spotlight sticks and stones
Words to the Wise quark, git, arrogant, alien, steal one's thunder
Curmudgeons' Corner taking a peek at pique
Letters to the Editors vegetarian derivation?, vegetarian joke, apt names, lingua franca, more eggnogs, more Engrish, Lucifer returns?, we can help, we can help Mac users, too
Laughing Stock What language does your dog speak?


Issue 110

Spotlight whales
Words to the Wise migraine, universe, eggnog, vegetarian, Torpenhow (hillhillhill)
Curmudgeons' Corner this or next weekend?
Letters to the Editors posh, this/next weekend, ghetto blaster, more on obfuscation, naked what?, welcome back, error policy
Laughing Stock Engrish


Issue 109

Spotlight hogmanay
Words to the Wise ghetto, winter, wuss, Sandwich (placename), gymnast
Curmudgeons' Corner obfuscation
Letters to the Editors correction, betel and beetle, more on this/next weekend, chads again, pot-luck, the nature of our curmudgeons, pot-latch
Laughing Stock The Millenium Bug (well, it really IS the new millennium NOW)


Issue 108

Spotlight absolutely fabulous animals
Words to the Wise beetling, pot-luck, manhandle, oyez oyez, horror
Curmudgeons' Corner this or next weekend?
Letters to the Editors chad, the OED, additions to our bibliography, dangling prepositions and British math
Laughing Stock Discretion Advised When Upgrading


Issue 107

Spotlight elections (or, from chads to chaos in one letter)
Words to the Wise spree, craven, dastardly, pusillanimous, o'clock, county, lickety-split
Curmudgeons' Corner more whining from Malcolm Tent
Letters to the Editors more second person plural and "W'all" - a double plural, a gracious apology, French etymology, final prepositions. 
Laughing Stock a notice of revocation...


Issue 106

Spotlight the days of the week: Sunday
Words to the Wise fob, quadratic, Gordon Bennett, mess, davenport, chaise longue/lounge 
Curmudgeons' Corner Suzanne Carpenter says it alls
Letters to the Editors more third person plural pronoun slang, Norse or Teutonic?, our letters policy, dingbat again, Italian divas
Laughing Stock Phunny photos


Issue 105

Spotlight the days of the week continued
Words to the Wise housewarming, tongue in cheek, hero, diva, frig  
Curmudgeons' Corner Suzanne Carpenter attempts to sway us with her y'all pitch
Letters to the Editors Encyclopedia Britannica, avian literacy, drownded, dingbat, nor' by nor'west, you-uns, Olympic Scrabble, 
Laughing Stock Laws Concerning Food and Drink [by Ian Frazier]


Issue 104

Spotlight the days of the week
Words to the Wise hunting pink, stool, foot, bereaved, cancer/Cancer
Curmudgeons' Corner hyperhyphenation
Letters to the Editors Issue 103's letters repeated [due to Mike being ill]
Laughing Stock How I Met My Wife [by Jack Winter]


Issue 103

Spotlight the in- words
Words to the Wise dingbat, inning, wine, on the wagon, rock and roll, hip hop
Curmudgeons' Corner nemesis abuse
Letters to the Editors Gore-y details, en-compass-ed, drownded, letter order, second-person plural
Laughing Stock A Rhose By Any Other Name [by Matthew Sutherland]


Issue 102

Spotlight the Olympic games
Words to the Wise letter order, loofah, dweomer, cobweb, pissant
Curmudgeons' Corner bureaucratese
Letters to the Editors youse, drownded, anyways
Laughing Stock a parking restriction we can live with


Issue 101

Spotlight English words from Romany
Words to the Wise trivia, be there with bells on, France, profession
Curmudgeons' Corner anyways
Letters to the Editors Ks, Chicago Tribune, more on hokey-pokey, tumped, quibbles and compliments
Laughing Stock the doctor is in


Issue 100

Spotlight wee weighs of weight
Words to the Wise hanky-panky and hokey-pokey, trot line, post haste, pompous, three sheets to the wind
Curmudgeons' Corner US spelling
Letters to the Editors More children's rhymes, hosey, Agent 99, braziers, sphagnum moss, St. Ambrose, heraldry, 
Laughing Stock "No Man is an Ireland" - political boners


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