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Issue 51 to Issue 75

Issue 75

Spotlight metathesis
Words to the Wise sincere, redneck, polecat, -ica, hospitality
Curmudgeons' Corner nicety
Letters to the Editors The path of kwent- to "path-"; snobbish vs. style; a glutinous definition; dago revisited; 


Issue 74

Spotlight animals as food
Words to the Wise agglutinate, tarnation, dago, gadget, -path/path-
Curmudgeons' Corner nuclear errors
Letters to the Editors a week of praise


Issue 73

Spotlight eros
Words to the Wise page, ardent, brouhaha and hubbub, nemesis, money grubber
Curmudgeons' Corner early
Letters to the Editors more on fishmongers, Life in the 1500s, barristers, and refutation


Issue 72

Spotlight fishmonger
Words to the Wise know all men by these presents, bar, history, prize and price, signature
Curmudgeons' Corner refute
Letters to the Editors kind words; metheglin; urband legends and burials in England; a fortnight of critical thinking


Issue 71

Spotlight honeymoon
Words to the Wise you're welcome, grapefruit, how come, Spam, hypocrite
Curmudgeons' Corner supposably
Letters to the Editors phonemes; wala is a Tagalog word


Issue 70

Spotlight peacock
Words to the Wise duck, metaphysics, limehouse, down the pike, turn over a new leaf
Curmudgeons' Corner wa-LA
Letters to the Editors Lots of "is, is that"; dream or mirth?


Issue 69

Spotlight dances
Words to the Wise dream, smart, shy, debt, on the ball
Curmudgeons' Corner the reason is, is that...
Letters to the Editors Eve length, Hebrew names, more maniacs


Issue 68

Spotlight Jesus
Words to the Wise maniac, glitch, taxi cab, guy, autumn
Curmudgeons' Corner happy New Year's
Letters to the Editors revisionist history


Issue 67

Spotlight English words from Arabic
Words to the Wise Limey, widow's peak, sallyport, cahoots, hobnob
Curmudgeons' Corner definitely not definately
Letters to the Editors skinny-dipping of the century; brogue shoes and brogue speech


Issue 66

Spotlight handicap
Words to the Wise spiffy, prostitute, sheriff, skinny, black
Curmudgeons' Corner a very special century
Letters to the Editors more Welsh stuff; the longest place name in Britain; Greek chi; alveolar and bilabial


Issue 65

Spotlight holiday words
Words to the Wise chuckwagon and chuckhole, shiver me timbers, castle and chaste, deer, Jew
Curmudgeons' Corner Imput and spayded
Letters to the Editors Etymology and entomology; a D.C. perspective; Etruscan has been deciphered; niger and the EEOC; Icelandic surnames; Welsh names; it's not the end of the millennium-yet


Issue 64

Spotlight fatidencies
Words to the Wise grape; aisle, isle and island; tautology; snake oil, word
Curmudgeons' Corner various examples of misuse/abuse
Letters to the Editors words on television; Norwegian surnames; squaw; more on surnames


Issue 63

Spotlight acronyms
Words to the Wise clean as a whistle, entertainment, marble, luck, surname
Curmudgeons' Corner more about acronyms
Letters to the Editors Macs; where to study etymology; title changes


Issue 62

Spotlight thanksgiving
Words to the Wise swashbuckler, eavesdrop, secretary/secret, links, sarcasm
Curmudgeons' Corner lecterns and podiums
Letters to the Editors Latin declensions; Russian roulette and critical thinking; rave as an acronym


Issue 61

Spotlight Russian roulette
Words to the Wise abracadabra, exotic, bulldozer, cheese, rave
Curmudgeons' Corner millenia/schmillenia
Letters to the Editors more on pluck you; John Locke and tabula rasa; bring vs. take


Issue 60

Spotlight Lynch
Words to the Wise Amazon, red tape, tabula rasa, rube, bit (1/8 dollar), skid row
Curmudgeons' Corner Bring vs. take
Letters to the Editors -gry, -gry, go away; monthly correction; egregious usage; Swedish cognates; wallpaper paste from Korea


Issue 59

Spotlight Guitar
Words to the Wise catch 22, watershed, jackass, crowbar, place, double whammy
Curmudgeons' Corner Egregious
Letters to the Editors Latin grammar, the important people


Issue 58

Spotlight Months
Words to the Wise caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, made from scratch, sky, dunning letter, waive, pardon my French
Curmudgeons' Corner Enormity
Letters to the Editors Bizarre berserkers and paying our "dues"


Issue 57

Spotlight Hectic
Words to the Wise bizarre, synergy, peccadillo, conundrum, wax [historical], ivy league
Curmudgeons' Corner About
Letters to the Editors Drunk skunks, our German, commas re-revisited, hobo histories, layout, praise, and barytons


Issue 56

Spotlight Some more musical instruments
Words to the Wise mafia, mosaic, testify, drunk as a skunk, preponderance
Curmudgeons' Corner Arctic in the attic
Letters to the Editors More on hobo and gaudy, our German, p's and q's, punctuation, and titans or not?


Issue 55

Spotlight Holding your breath (and your nose)
Words to the Wise Golf, Generation X, gaudy, run the gauntlet, flair
Curmudgeons' Corner A mere mirror
Letters to the Editors More on the -gry hoax and our new look


Issue 54

Spotlight Woodwind words
Words to the Wise Ballpark (figure), bogus, catawampus, chicken pox
Curmudgeons' Corner Gourmet delights
Letters to the Editors New site/look comments


Issue 53

Spotlight Etymology vs. real meanings
Words to the Wise Mushroom, metaphor, moist, mind your p's and q's
Curmudgeons' Corner Pronouncing -phth-
Letters to the Editors An OEDer and boobs again!


Issue 52

Spotlight Continental names
Words to the Wise Dyed in the wool, atlas, boob, elite, electricity
Curmudgeons' Corner Quantum leap
Letters to the Editors Eck cetera, etc.


Issue 51

Spotlight Another internet hoax: hungry, angry, and ?
Words to the Wise Geek, etymology, abecedarium, memorize by heart, plague and ague
Curmudgeons' Corner This is so different
Letters to the Editors Spurious obscenity etymologies, brogue and Mick

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