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Issue 76 to Issue 100

Issue 100

Spotlight wee weighs of weight
Words to the Wise hanky-panky and hokey-pokey, trot line, post haste, pompous, three sheets to the wind
Curmudgeons' Corner US spelling
Letters to the Editors More children's rhymes, hosey, Agent 99, braziers, sphagnum moss, St. Ambrose, heraldry, 
Laughing Stock "No Man is an Ireland" - political boners


Issue 99

Spotlight swamp things
Words to the Wise crony, bumbershoot, spank, bimbo, English from Basque
Curmudgeons' Corner Nutritious vs. nutritional and others
Letters to the Editors Sexual slang in music, punny readers, sailing details, Shakespeare's jacks, more dibs synonyms, commas revisited
Laughing Stock Dining in style


Issue 98

Spotlight the word-of-all-trades part II
Words to the Wise dosh, creole, fair to middlin', squid, c*nt
Curmudgeons' Corner Growing a minimum horn
Letters to the Editors 1500s is 16th century, commas, bagging, meddlin' in middlin', jackets are old, jacks, and eight a's!
Laughing Stock Spam from Russia with Love


Issue 97

Spotlight the word-of-all-trades
Words to the Wise humongous, soda, dibbs, fugue, bees' knees
Curmudgeons' Corner from between
Letters to the Editors You say potato, fuzzy wuzzy, language gaffes, oronyms
Laughing Stock Re-re-re-translations


Issue 96

Spotlight Mother of all tongues
Words to the Wise revamp, library, colony, sorcerer, ex
Curmudgeons' Corner wherefore
Letters to the Editors English pronuciation, oronyms
Laughing Stock Spam from Russia with Love


Issue 95

Spotlight Edible words
Words to the Wise curmudgeon, fix, hootenanny, soul, milquetoast
Curmudgeons' Corner crescendo
Letters to the Editors virgin, plurals, high tea, Lithuanian, injuries, Pali
Laughing Stock English as she are spoke


Issue 94

Spotlight The crippled creep
Words to the Wise surgery/chirurgery, supper/dinner, dog days, washer, mischievous
Curmudgeons' Corner prepositions
Letters to the Editors virgin, more strange English, sexual slang, plurals
Laughing Stock Children's books


Issue 93

Spotlight English Ancestry Part II
Words to the Wise fork, pew, screaming meemies, preterist, troilism
Curmudgeons' Corner depluralization
Letters to the Editors honky, poont*ng, noise words, virgin
Laughing Stock English is a stupid language


Issue 92

Spotlight English ancestry
Words to the Wise siege, fell swoop, star (person), virgin, right track, poont*ng
Curmudgeons' Corner noise words
Letters to the Editors more Dutch, long lost friends, clapping, honky
Laughing Stock steamed children


Issue 91

Spotlight veg-edibles part II
Words to the Wise loagy, sublime, clap, honky, crestfallen
Curmudgeons' Corner plural mispronunciation
Letters to the Editors more on product labels, belladonna returns, laughed so hard he flooded!
Laughing Stock George W. Bush, in his own words


Issue 90

Spotlight veg-edibles
Words to the Wise thumb, eclipse, vitamin, to rare, scouse
Curmudgeons' Corner convincing and persuasive
Letters to the Editors more on product labels, to know you is to know you, Persian, not Arabic!, more on Azazel, it's a piece of cake, a name for the unnamed, hacking the etymology of hacker
Laughing Stock Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn


Issue 89

Spotlight wise acres
Words to the Wise nadir, intact, panic, piece of cake, flea market
Curmudgeons' Corner the unnamed pet peeve
Letters to the Editors ollie ollie oxen free, Egypt, sending TOWFI to a friend
Laughing Stock Instruction (or is that DEstruction?) labels


Issue 88

Spotlight a little knowledge
Words to the Wise chat, mall, slavery
Curmudgeons' Corner role models
Letters to the Editors goats (Azazel), oxen (ollie ollie oxen free), mornings, Japanese, a fool's cap


Issue 87

Spotlight minced oaths
Words to the Wise get one's goat, moonshine, naked as a jaybird, nihilism, ollie ollie oxen free, foolscap, Krishna, in the black/red
Curmudgeons' Corner hopefully it will not be momentarily
Letters to the Editors plural and not so plural possessive, yesterday in The Netherlands, back issues formula, reaching Indians, a suggested link


Issue 86

Spotlight Japanese words in English
Words to the Wise Aryan, noodle (food), benchmark, doozy, yesterday
Curmudgeons' Corner feral insurance companies
Letters to the Editors sesquipedalianism, it's in the roasting, so is one Jones a Jone?, Surdez you jest


Issue 85

Spotlight beer
Words to the Wise nag, (bill of) lading, cobbler, nit, jingoism
Curmudgeons' Corner epicentrism
Letters to the Editors brine whine, a bitter taste, a German churl, lemoned water, in-store free-for-all, quanta, reusing absent items, corponyms, language anarchy


Issue 84

Spotlight blood-sucking parasites
Words to the Wise ectoplasm, quay, heinous, quirk, churlish
Curmudgeons' Corner bitter words
Letters to the Editors more bunnies, more quantum leaps, whither the sticky wicket?, Indiastan, an edible noggin, it's Odin Tew you


Issue 83

Spotlight promotional materials
Words to the Wise Indian, deadbeat, noodle, destiny, toilette
Curmudgeons' Corner close to the edge
Letters to the Editors A disgruntled anti-commercialite, write about Dutch wife and get chastised re gender!, voilą - a viola, down on the Welsh


Issue 82

Spotlight Holy Spirit
Words to the Wise due south, sticky wicket, wet nurse, fantastic, podzol and chernozem
Curmudgeons' Corner Realty is reality
Letters to the Editors British pronunciation, more rabbits, French letters and cor anglaise, we're almost always right, and double Dutch alumni


Issue 81

Spotlight the Easter Bunny
Words to the Wise asymptote, first/ second/third, [dog] pound, shepherd, poverty
Curmudgeons' Corner American as apple pie
Letters to the Editors Dutch terms, cricket, grim, and foundering citizens


Issue 80

Spotlight those darned foreigners
Words to the Wise fusion and fission, nigh/near/next, along and belong, feudal, jewelry
Curmudgeons' Corner light years away
Letters to the Editors grim reaper returns, revisiting the ivory tower, the etymology of Sahara, and comments on city words


Issue 79

Spotlight city words
Words to the Wise brawl, puce, ivory tower, butt (heads), virtually
Curmudgeons' Corner associate
Letters to the Editors alfa?, more dudes, more African words, don't knock La Brea Tar Pits, a NASAism, redundancies return, the grim truth about the Grim Reaper, gorilla girls


Issue 78

Spotlight African words, part 2
Words to the Wise agent, hearse and rehearse, Patagonia, ruthless, Grim Reaper
Curmudgeons' Corner literally
Letters to the Editors Tenses, phonetic alphabet, desert islands, more redundancies 


Issue 77

Spotlight African words, part 1
Words to the Wise stroke, a bone to pick, roger and wilco, cold feet, Teutonic
Curmudgeons' Corner can vs. may
Letters to the Editors Cowboy slang, more redundancies, dories, Indonesian words, Thruber, and an old issue


Issue 76

Spotlight some phrases
Words to the Wise ream (of paper), blue chip (stocks), dude, cowlick, hunky dory
Curmudgeons' Corner rice paddies
Letters to the Editors British hospitality; African roots; Diego clarification; spurious dago origin; thanks from Korea; more on waxy derivations

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