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Issues 151 to 175

Click the items in the right side of each table from Issue 110 to present to read them.

Issue 175

Spotlight Halloween
Words to the Wise mosque, desire
Curmudgeons' Corner Redundancy and repetition (and redundancy)
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock What happens when pumpkins eat too much candy on Halloween


Issue 174

Spotlight More Bird Words
Words to the Wise sniper, camouflage, crab apple, cole slaw, bogey
Curmudgeons' Corner Our guestmudgeon just thinks
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock Which is better?


Issue 173

Spotlight Bird Words
Words to the Wise undead, murder of crows, moratorium, keep your eyes peeled, squiz, marquis, fishy/suspicious 
Curmudgeons' Corner Shirt and shoes required
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock Perhaps these people should not be telling us about problems!


Issue 172

Spotlight intestinal fortitude
Words to the Wise stream of consciousness, in/out of the loop, turmeric, asparagus, scissors
Curmudgeons' Corner "French" bread
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock A few silly (or scary) signs


Issue 171

Spotlight complexions and beauty
Words to the Wise grits, jaded, business
Curmudgeons' Corner I wonder
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock If this were a real emergency...


Issue 170

Spotlight ants
Words to the Wise marshmallow, liberal arts, browbeat, Mecca, cyclone
Curmudgeons' Corner who that?
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock a bunch of groaners


Issue 169

Spotlight plates
Words to the Wise cloak and dagger, Brooklyn, land of nod, slum, née
Curmudgeons' Corner a suit in a suite
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock  


Issue 168

Spotlight pipes
Words to the Wise godown, adventure, flapjack, Phillips screw/screwdriver, by George
Curmudgeons' Corner a tack
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock I am called a Princess


Issue 167

Spotlight a mouthful
Words to the Wise arrow, pirate, to boot, go ape/apesh*t, brickle, scrutinize
Curmudgeons' Corner disconcertion
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock the "Wisdom" of George Carlin


Issue 166

Spotlight brightness
Words to the Wise togs, rummage sale, say uncle, I should cocoa, the jig is up
Curmudgeons' Corner up to one complaint or more!
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock fear of flying


Issue 165

Spotlight very little
Words to the Wise the powers that be, skoal, trench coat, costs an arm and a leg, folderol, seaboard
Curmudgeons' Corner not available in all areas
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock smoked beef rectum


Issue 164

Spotlight carrying on
Words to the Wise yikes, the birds and the bees, jack-o'lantern, aficionado, daylight robbery, Malay/malaise
Curmudgeons' Corner quite literally
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock Stoopid Peeple


Issue 163

Spotlight singletons
Words to the Wise riled up, worry, hogwash, stick in the mud, good-bye, agonist, gentleman
Curmudgeons' Corner critique
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock Slippery sheep!


Issue 162

Spotlight heat
Words to the Wise gumshoe, syphilis, swan song, zit, nugget
Curmudgeons' Corner laxadaisical [sic]
Letters to the Editors various
Laughing Stock They've got a funny accent!


Issue 161

Spotlight muses
Words to the Wise pshaw, tattoo, pot shots, garage, lagniappe
Curmudgeons' Corner longing for shorter words
Letters to the Editors Old Dart, qualifying absolutes, quarantine in the Bible, Latin plurals, dreckly (directly), to no end?, man words, alittle alot, ESL (and other) errors, cotton on to cotton, Jewish haikus source, more quarters, more aggravation, more lambaste
Laughing Stock Decisions, decisions!


Issue 160

Spotlight quarters
Words to the Wise on the lam, quarters, [death] throes, men in female terms, indigenous
Curmudgeons' Corner disembarking
Letters to the Editors curses, oaths, etc., dosh again, presently, irregardless and unique, more enfeebled verbs, America from the Templars?, different from, than or to?
Laughing Stock Striking faces (ouch!)


Issue 159

Spotlight swinging in the hammock
Words to the Wise cult and occult, inventory and invent, Jesus Christ, fiddle sticks
Curmudgeons' Corner available to avail
Letters to the Editors TOWFI serendipity, fond memories, cockney, doughnuts in Dallas, more doughnuts, actually about actually, defective detective, unmentionables, terminology
Laughing Stock Jewish mothers' haiku


Issue 158

Spotlight getting lost in the dictionary
Words to the Wise choad and qif, diaspora, brown nose, doughnut
Curmudgeons' Corner restaurant-speak
Letters to the Editors impacted, push-back, highway-speak, actually, Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, fan mail
Laughing Stock More news


Issue 157

Spotlight now
Words to the Wise anal retentive, bangs, diaper, jackdaw, best thing since sliced bread 
Curmudgeons' Corner what was your name?
Letters to the Editors cricket, back to boxty, yet more on highways and definite articles, Normans, nouns to verbs, Old English in the Bible, a link
Laughing Stock The News


Issue 156

Spotlight damn foreigners
Words to the Wise grocer/gross, reckless/wreck, English history, boxty, [what in] Sam Hill 
Curmudgeons' Corner nouns as verbs
Letters to the Editors much more on definite articles and highway names, sign language, six ways from Sunday, we asked for it
Laughing Stock The $25 car 


Issue 155

Spotlight Where the wild things are
Words to the Wise buck/butt naked, purlieu, dogsbody
Curmudgeons' Corner ten years ago...
Letters to the Editors Germans on "Berliner", hell bent for leather revisited, classical plurals again, to input or not, vending one's spleen, definite articles and highway names
Laughing Stock A hostile hostel? 


Issue 154

Spotlight h-e-double-hocky-sticks
Words to the Wise hell bent for leather, Pyrrhic victory, philanderer, rathskeller
Curmudgeons' Corner input/inputted
Letters to the Editors love apples, tomatoes, garlic, road apples, lobscouse, blind scouse, alumni, classical plurals, more berliner, irony, the last words on eggplant
Laughing Stock Venting [one's] spleen 


Issue 153

Spotlight apples
Words to the Wise take to task, peruse, celestial, kiln
Curmudgeons' Corner the state of Classical education
Letters to the Editors New Zealand slang; more "shorten and add y"; speccy; poor Margaret, espresso, pommy, more terms for "u-turn", congradulations, more congradulations, yet more congradulations, Berliner, more inhabitant terms, scouse, Teeries, Ramsbottom
Laughing Stock A serious health hazard 


Issue 152

Spotlight inhabitants
Words to the Wise john (toilet), awhile, espresso, pom/pommy  
Curmudgeons' Corner congradulate the gratuates
Letters to the Editors censorship and other stuff; Australian vernacular; Laughing Stock; clichés, dashboard, curmudgeon merge
Laughing Stock Another groaner 


Issue 151

Spotlight Personal matters (oh me, oh my!)
Words to the Wise renaissance, Virgin Islands
Curmudgeons' Corner expressing espresso
Letters to the Editors might could; shorten and add y; fubar revisited; boogers again, dashboard, phrase coinage, *skep-
Laughing Stock Aaaaack! 


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